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03 August 2020 - Cancelling SALOME User Day 2020

Considering the uncertainty about the health situation in France in September, we regret having to postpone the SALOME Users' Day to a later date, probably mid-2021 if the conditions are met at that time.

Beyond a possible administrative impossibility for the organization of such an event in October, it seems above all a shame to maintain, with the constraints of distance, a meeting that is primarily friendly.

We will try to offer, instead, a virtual webinar-type seminar with a question and answer session.

In the meantime, we invite you to test the brand new version released a few days ago: SALOME 9.5.

This new version brings many features to the SHAPER module, the most emblematic being the direct link with the SMESH module, which makes it possible to directly mesh the parts created, without going through an export to GEOM, and with the possibility to update the mesh when the part has been modified in SHAPER (for example by changing the value of a parameter).

This version was produced under the conditions of the COVID-19 crisis, with a SALOME team working in degraded conditions, in particular for everything related to Human-Machine Interface tests. These difficulties were overcome thanks to the exceptional mobilization of all!

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