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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

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Tool Bar creation Extension of the platform
by Rainer Jacob
Wednesday 11:05
Salome 8.2.0 / error to terminate a 2nd session of HEXABLOCK module Use
by pierre_j
Tuesday 15:19
Omniorb configuration Use
by Daniel
March 09. 2017
Problem so many points to make airfoil extrusion for 3D Use
by ByeongDo Lee
March 06. 2017
FSI Flluid Structure Interaction with Salome, OpenFoam, Code Saturne Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by Oscar Sosa
March 03. 2017
Implementation of cracks in the mesh Use
by Qiao Jie Yang
February 28. 2017
shape detection with opencv Use
by Rainer Jacob
February 22. 2017
Re: How to Hide the Output Messages Window of ParaViS? Extension of the platform
by Rick Chen
February 18. 2017
salome running on a flask web server Use
by Jon Shimwell
February 17. 2017
How to install Salome 7.8.0 on Ubuntu? Install & build
by Jessica Muñoz
February 14. 2017
version of GMSH Extension of the platform
by pierre_j
February 13. 2017
calculating y+ and wall distance on salome Other... (new forum, problems, etc.)
by ByeongDo Lee
February 12. 2017
Python calculator not working on windows Use
by Konyaro
February 11. 2017
How to test a Salome/CAS installation? Any testsuite available? Install & build
by Christophe Trophime
February 08. 2017
invalid shape for MakeFilletAll Use
by Fynn
February 07. 2017
MakeArc in Salome 8.2 generates TRANSIENT exception Use
by Christophe Trophime
February 06. 2017
C-grid for 2D-airfoil.. Use
by ByeongDo Lee
January 31. 2017
A Simple System based on Salome for Solving Electromagnetic Problem Extension of the platform
by Rick Chen
January 28. 2017
Compressing element numbers Use
by Leo
January 23. 2017
Warning exporting .MED file Use
by Lorenzo Winchler
January 23. 2017
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