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'SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24' doesn't work on Fedora 26

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'SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24' doesn't work on Fedora 26

Posted by Vincent B at January 13. 2018


Here is below the terminal result when I try to execute Salome from "SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24". It doesn't work.


[toto@pc6 SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24]$ ./salome
runSalome running on pc6.home
Searching for a free port for naming service: 2812 - OK
Searching Naming Service + found in 0.1 seconds
Searching /Kernel/Session in Naming Service ++Warning, no type found for resource "localhost", using default value "single_machine"
+++SALOME_Session_Server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/toto/_Softs/3D/Salome/SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24/BINARIES-FD24/KERNEL/bin/salome/", line 625, in useSalome
    clt = startSalome(args, modules_list, modules_root_dir)
  File "/home/toto/_Softs/3D/Salome/SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24/BINARIES-FD24/KERNEL/bin/salome/", line 570, in startSalome
  File "/home/toto/_Softs/3D/Salome/SALOME-8.3.0-native-FD24/BINARIES-FD24/KERNEL/bin/salome/", line 174, in waitNSPID
    raise RuntimeError, "Process %d for %s not found" % (thePID,theName)
RuntimeError: Process 5004 for /Kernel/Session not found

--- Error during Salome launch ---

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