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How to compile/build SALOME 7.8.0 on Debian 8?

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How to compile/build SALOME 7.8.0 on Debian 8?

Posted by Kanglong Zhang at December 07. 2017

Hello everyone,


This is a post trying to propose a clear instruction to compile/build SALOME on Debian. Since the detailed compile/build steps or peocedures are still not not clear, any comments and experience are welcomed.


According to the official enclosed README file, the compile/build steps are quite simple:

1) clear the already-built prerequisites: "./sat prerequisites product_name --delete"

2) build the prerequisites: "./sat prerequisites product_name"

3) prepare the source of the modules: "./sat prepare product_name"

4) compile the modules: "./sat compile product_name --clean_all"

5) generate the launcher or application: "./sat launcher product_name" or "./sat application product_name"


However, some errors may occur at step 2 and step 4 due to some compile-time libraries missing. This is the key issue to be solved if we want to compile/build SALOME from scratch.


After days of test, several such kind of missing compile-time libraries or tools are determined and step 2 could be successfully done. But there is a error when compiling module GUI, saying the module can not find QT4. But QT4 was already built as one of the prerequisites at step 2. So, I guess the missing compile-time libraries list may be not closed or some wrong libraries are included. Moreover, the compiling or configuration steps may not follow the right way.


I used to think there should be an official doc or instruction telling what tools and libraries should be pre-installed before we compile/build SALOME. However, I can find it nowhere.


I am longing for anyone who has some experience on this issue to post some comments. And it will be the best if the SALOME support team could pose some info.


Thanks in advance!

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