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Installing 7.8 on Ubuntu 16.04

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Installing 7.8 on Ubuntu 16.04

Posted by Todd Pierce at January 06. 2017

Hi All,

I just downloaded and unzipped the Ubuntu installation into my home directory.  I was quite surprised that when I ran the program it seemed to function perfectly.  Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing, so obviously I don't know if there is more that I need to do.  I notice that older installation instructions indicate I should be setting a bunch of environment variables, perhaps setting up a profile of some kind.

What I ultimately want to be able to do is pipe python to the Salone platform and and have the graphical output (geometry and solving) take place in a graphical window.  In other words, I am hoping I can integrate graphical multi-physics into a program I am developing (this is a hobby program, so don't worry about airplanes falling out of the sky).

I have gotten this far:

todd@ubuntu:~/salome$ ./salome &
[1] 9025

todd@ubuntu:~/salome$ runSalome running on ubuntu
Searching for a free port for naming service: 2810 - OK
Searching Naming Service + found in 0.1 seconds
Searching /Kernel/Session in Naming Service +++Warning: this type (Study,objref) already exists, it will be ignored.
+ found in 2.0 seconds
Start SALOME, elapsed time :   2.2 seconds

todd@ubuntu:~/salome$ ./salome connect
Found unique instance: ubuntu:2810
Selected instance: ubuntu:2810
python: can't open file '/home/todd/salome/salomeTools/../INSTALL/SALOME_PROFILE/bin/salome/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I'm guessing there is more I need to do here.  Any ideas?




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