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Question about tutorial

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Question about tutorial

Posted by Pavel Vashchenkov at December 26. 2016


I'm trying to go step by step by tutorial (building of ATOMIC module).

Version of Salome: 7.8.0, Universal binaries for Linux, installed in /usr/local/Salome-7.8.0/

1. I guess, there is an error in tutorial:

on page 8 there is a line:


"../" has to be removed in the last argument.


2. After commands cmake && make I get the message:

make[2]: *** No rule to make target '/scratch/palmco/salome/prerequisites/build/Paraview-v501_EDFEDFp1-py2710-hd1814-gr2380-dox1831-xml2290-qt484-cm302-gl2ps138/lib/', needed by 'src/ATOMICGUI/'.  Stop.
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:158: src/ATOMICGUI/CMakeFiles/ATOMIC.dir/all] Error 2

I can't understand where cmake gets so strange path: /scratch/palmco/salome/prerequisites/build/Paraview-v501_EDFEDFp1-py2710-hd1814-gr2380-dox1831-xml2290-qt484-cm302-gl2ps138/lib/

If I delete all appearances with "/scratch/palmco/" from files where it is, everything is make'ing and installing successfully. But it's annoying to remove these lines every time. Could you explain what to do to cmake works correct?

They are in files:







Re: Question about tutorial

Posted by Roman NIKOLAEV at December 26. 2016

Hello  Pavel,


The matter is that Universal binaries package is not intended to development process. The main goal of this package is an execution of the application. To developing a custom SALOME module it is necessary a bit modify installed universal binaries package, namely: replace all hard coded path (like /scratch/palmco/salome/prerequisites/build/...) in the CMake configuration files in ParaView, hdf5, med, PyQt4, sphinx and sip third-party SALOME products (they are located in the prerequisites sub-folder).




Re: Question about tutorial

Posted by Pavel Vashchenkov at January 08. 2017


Thank you for the answer. Changes of configuration files helped.

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