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analysis of result using paravis.

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analysis of result using paravis.

Posted by SURAJ PRAKASH at January 07. 2017

hi all,

i am new to salome 7

i have two questions

1> how to see results of different parts of geometry separately in paravis. that means lets suppose geometry have two cubes, after making geometry, meshing and giving boundary condition running that problem in aster  we have to import that in paravis there we can analyse the displacement and stress of whole geometry, but i want to see the result separately lets say of each cube. i am able to see this thing in salome 6 using postpro but not finding a way to see in salome 7

so please guide me in this regarding, and if possible make a video upload on youtube and share that link.

2> actually i am working on a geotechnical problem related to civil engineering. is it possible to implement failure criteria like mohr coulomb in salome 7 if possible than please guide me


thank you

suraj prakash


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