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Recursive calls to salome

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Recursive calls to salome

Posted by Ioannis Zotos at January 04. 2018

Dear forum members,

First of all I want to wish a happy new year to all!

I would like to call salome recursively (e.g. from a batch script), in order to generate various FEM meshes. My problem is that whenever I start salome in a terminal using, the whole process takes a very long time, since for each call of, a separate salome instance is started, searching for ports, etc....

Is there a faster way to accomplish this? Is there a way for example to start one salome session and then connect to it and load python scripts recursively? Any idea on how to make the described process faster is appreciated. I am using salome version 8.3.0 in windows 7.

Thank you in advance.


Re: Recursive calls to salome

Posted by Saint Michael at January 09. 2018

Hi Ioannis

I know it's possible to specify several scripts as arguments of, they all will be executed one after another:


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