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Partition woes

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Partition woes

Posted by Rudi Schuech at August 03. 2017

Hi, I'm having problems with a Partition of several shapes: a not-so complicated solid, some very complicated wavy, periodic sheets of type Face, and a 1D curve.  If the sheets don't form a full circular revolution so there is a gap, the Partition works.  When they do form a full revolution so that there is an Edge where the beginning meets the end, the Partition fails with Partition aborted : non valid shape result.  I suspect the single Edge (and underlying Vertices in the curves going into MakeFilling) are the issue, but I can't seem to get rid of them and form "seamless" Faces.

Apologies for the horrifically long script.  Attached are the working and non-working cases, with the only difference being in line 164, where transverse_nturns is set.  The offending Partition command is on line 1042.  It takes a while to work or fail, any advice on making the operation faster would also be appreciated.

It is interesting that in the broken case, Partition of just the solid grooves_body and inner transverse sheet does work, and so does Partition of all the sheets and the curve.  But Partition of everything together doesn't work, which seems pretty strange since the grooves_body only touches the transverse sheet - so there are apparently some weird long-range interactions....

Salome 8.2.0, Windows 7 x64

Thanks a lot for any help.



Re: Partition woes

Posted by Rudi Schuech at August 09. 2017

Bump?   Anything I can add / simplifications I can try to solicit advice, or is everyone just on summer vacation? :)

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